Why leasing your equipment benefits your business

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22nd July 2019
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Why leasing your equipment benefits your business

Asset leasing

Businesses are continually purchasing new equipment for a number of different reasons; whether its to acquire a new machine that operates at a much more efficient and profitable pace than your previous rusty asset, or to meet the increased output of greater client demand.

Regardless of the reason you’re looking to enhance your business machinery and equipment, what of the major factors you’ll be considering is the finances that go along with it – and what is one of the most cost-effective ways of affording new equipment for your business… LEASING!

So, here are just a few benefits of leasing your assets:

Cash flow protection

Cash flow calculations

One of the biggest issues business faces is cash flow complications. Leasing your equipment can help you avoid these complications as opposed to when you purchase assets outright. Regular fixed payments allow you to predict cash flow more accurately whilst also dipping into your other large fund cash resource for other investments. Additionally, you can deduct the cost from taxable income as a trading expense.

Maintenance support 

Vehicle maintenance

Another major factor to consider when purchasing equipment is the ongoing cost of repairs, which any business owner knows is a major flame-in-the-pocket when old equipment unfortunately and inevitably goes faulty. When leasing your equipment, you’ll get the benefits of owning and using it without worrying about paying for repairs or depreciation values as a result of those wear and tears. 

Operational Flexibility

Harvester used at periodic times of year

Leasing equipment rather than purchasing it allows businesses to maintain their operational flexibility as they use the assets they have only when they need it. Flexibility, especially for a growing business, is essential for success and growth as you can use more equipment for different purposes when the opportunity arises.

Competitive edge

Old equipment vs New equipment

To keep up with the other business in your industry, you’ll need new equipment, and regularly. Whether that’s as a result of your old equipment showing more and more faults hindering your service, or trying to keep up with a competitor who can get the job done in a more effective manner. By leasing, you can get your hands on the latest and greatest equipment without cashing out on the high outright costs, ensuring your one step ahead of your business competitors. 

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